Saturday, 5 August 2017

PHOTOG 101: Life through the lens

In the name of Allah, Lord of the heavens and the earth and everything in between.

Rubbing cold hands. PC:Sakeenah Jaffer

Lights, camera, action. Or rather aperture, shutter speed, ISO! Professional terms that control the quality of a story you are trying to capture. Photography is not just about the technical skills of handling the camera, rather the skill of being able to deliver a story through the lens of a delicate tool. And of course insight into how all things on earth are connected both human and environmental.

Spring in waiting PC: Saar-rah Kamaldien
As South Africa experiences the weary winter weather, some Higher Certificates’ are stepping into boots and takkies and caps and warm scarves and out capturing cloudy days, dew drops, steamy windows, trees shedding autumn leaves falling to the ground with our guide - Sensai Zaheer Carr of iLABS and Smiling Sage.

Our first outing/lesson was to Cavendish Square Mall. It was the most aperture (lol new word meaning 'opening')! To enhance our photography skills, we learnt to capture the story behind the image with lots of laughs and fun in the process. Out of the blue we discovered the most amazing strengths in all of us. We met a character or as we know him the dude with the long hair/Jason/Rory/Timothy - he was an enigma to us and that added to the mystery of him. Then the fun really began even though that’s when we ended, it would be the beginning our journey of shooting people… NOT LIKE THAT!
Our new friend. PC: Tashreeqah Darries
The next onsite learning pit stop was the enchanting Paradise Park since we went to the 100 acre woods #90’s_kids;). Since the weather was cloudy, we changed the ISO of the cameras to 400 and took shots in AV mode. These are the ideal settings to shoot when you’re on-the-go doing street photography. This allowed us to shoot many photos without changing the aperture all the time. Mish’al the craziest kid you’ll ever meet, decided to jump over a canal.  Then meeting Toto from Wizard of Oz, that guy could strike a pose. And off to the Vineyard Hotel, for some aromatic coffee, blissful scenery and some long deserved lunch.

Paradiso. PC: Irshaad Hamied

Action!: PC Saar-rah Kamaldien

Backflip: Yaseen Fataar

Movement: PC Mish'al Groenewald

All the way up in Bo Kaap #Local_is_lakkerr on day 3 of the 6-day course. Colourful houses surrounded us, as children took to the streets to enjoy the sunny day outside. Capturing the colourful little homesteads and drawing in the history of our lost but closely knitted community. Too late for our traditional koeksister Sunday though, but lunch was pleasing to the stomach as we hopped into Food Inn, indulging in a variety of cuisine.  And a quick few clicks of the 'Blommemarkie' in Adderley street.

Flowermark PC:Irshaad Hamied

Bokaap: PC Mish'al Groenewald

InshaAllah, we'll keep you up to speed on how the last two weeks of our photography course on the move is doing. So watch this space also for news of our Photo Exhibition!

 As we come closer to the end we realise what an awesome journey this has been for the nine of us. Shukran so much Zaheer Carr, our Sensai Sage who has made this journey unforgettable. Not only for your patience, but your teaching style, your creativity, your imagination for choosing the best sites like ever! 

One on one: PC:Gouwa Abrahams
Do yourselves a favour and register for this on the move photography course, our Sensai will be taking out a new group for his Spring sessions. Email him or his organisation at:

We don't mind if you use our pics, please ensure that you credit us and credit our blog appropriately!

 Resident photographers:

Aminah Francis 
Sakeenah Jaffer
Gouwa Abrahams 
Tashreeqah Darries 
Saar-rah Kamaldien
Irshaad Hamied
Mish'al Groenewald
Fayyaadh Kamalie
Yaaseen Fataar

Verily, Allah resides in the heart of the true believer
Love and salaam (peace)

fyi. this is just a taste of our pics and its not even all of our photographers work yet.

Sensai. PC: Yaseen Fataar
On the move. PC: Irshaad Hamied

Jack Flash. PC: Irshaad Hamied

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