Friday, 4 August 2017

Whispering in the Elephants eye.

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful.

It was a Wednesday in July, in the heart winter when we decided to go on a class hike. Were we crazy? Were we brave, adventurous perchance? No matter. Only fourteen people had the courage for this adventure. The rest were chicken. Just kidding, we understood that people were down with flu, some were a tad unfit and some had obligations to looking after siblings and elders – it was vacation after all.

When we arrived at the Silvermine it was sooo cold, the vapour poured from our mouths when we spoke. We kept on jumping around to get warm waiting for stragglers. And then we were off, walking jauntily along up the paths and onto the flateau, like soldiers in single file. The open spaces filled with indigenous fynbos was breathtaking!!!

Did you know that the distance of just under 8 km is actually not far when one appreciates the wonderful scenery and awesome company. We started at 9 and were back just before Thuhr. All that walking and cavorting made us ravenous! Thankfully Fayyaadh had made his home, braai and meat from his brother’s butchery (Southern Meat Market) all available for a fabulous braai and friendly competitive games and not so friendly games.

But enough already – let our photos tell our story:

We close this article with a poem submitted anonymously from one of the HCIS students showcasing his skill with words and rhyme. 


Indeed, Allah is in the heart of the true believer.

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