Sunday, 18 June 2017

Millennial writers fresh start

Wynberg Park picnic

We start this blog in the name of Allah because it makes everything we say and do a sacred act and we also start our blog with the universal:

As-salāmu ʿalaykum wa Rahmatullah 
May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all.

We are a group of young students trying to navigate our way through life and voice our opinions through poems and other forms of spoken word that brings new light to the meaning of being a young person in this crazy yet interesting world we live in. While we are Muslim and proud of it, we are also young adults celebrating life as we face our own difficulties and struggles in our growth.

At the International Peace College S A (IPSA), besides our formal study programmes, we are involved in many forms of social awareness from within our classes, stewardship, community engagement as well as developing ourselves, our identity and skill-sets.

This Ramadhan, we were involved in a Community Outreach Programme where we packed good as new clothing, pots of warm food and gifts to share with communities in need. Last week we were in Gugulethu making new connections and last night a few of us were in Bokmarie. (We'll post some pics later). Today our senior students present their second “Free Wills Clinic” at the Masjid Rawbie in Portlands to assist the our community in understanding Islamic laws of succession and its application within the South African context but more importantly drawing up peoples wills completely free of charge. So get there before 2 if you don't have a will!

Senior student advising public about their will
So who are we really? We are a group of Higher Certificate students who will be publishing interesting articles, poems, graphics, graffiti and photos of student life as a part of our Global Leadership and Life Orientation (GLO) Course. Here we address issues of identity; of what it means to be stewards - recognising the environmental principles in Islam of Tawhid, Khalifat and Ihtisaab. In other words the unity of all things that are connected to Allah; our responsibility to the earth and being accountable for our actions in the dunyah.

Hassen, Fayyaadh Mish'al and Yaseen
Attentive during lecture
As a group we really love poetry and prose. It is a way in which we are able to express how we feel in a world where things can be gloomy and the future a bit unsure and how we make sense of our life journeys too. We take part in all kinds of activities that build our class identity, our College identity and our identity as young Muslims and Muslimahs as we relate to our families, to one another and the world.

So our class had our first GLO outing in Wynberg Park in April where we got to braai and share food, play 50 seconds together and do a selfie scavenger hunt. It was a lot of fun and it helped us in working as strong teams. Have a look at this!

30 seconds

Hassen miming, Irshaad looking on

shoe exposé

Playing dead

In May we hosted a visit from the renowned Shaykh Farraz Rabbani of the Seekershub  whose key advice to us was to address leadership and life always from the perspective of our Nabi Muhamad (salallahu alayhi wasalaam). Here's a pic with Sh Rabbani and Uncle Abu. And in June of course we wrote our exams. But let's not talk about that, we're on holiday.

On the GLO course we are divided into two factions – one of which is this faction the Bloggers who are responsible for this blog and also start a drama group insha Allah. Then we have our Art and Creative Expression faction who are learning to sketch at the moment. Another off site skill that some of us are learning is to look at life through the lens of the camera but more of that a bit later, we've had one awesome lesson so far.

The crew of this faction who makes this blog possible are as follows:
Hassen Basha; Irshaad Hamied; Ghalib Camroodien; Aamirah Abrahams; Gouwa Abrahams; Saar-ah Kamaldien and Nazrana Parkar.

So watch this space for a wide array of different posts. Till we post again.
Fee Amaanilaah.

Verily, Allah is in the heart of the true believer. 

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